From the travel brochure of Atins:

„Atins is a tiny and very quiet village where the National Park of Lencóis Maranhenses begins. One can spend the days lazily on the beautiful beaches and relax at night in different bars. While on the beach , the guests can wow themselves with the sunset playing hide and seek with the dunes. One feels as if the waves of sand and the sunsets are dancing cheek to cheek. One gets lost in this dance in the distant horizon, yet one feels it as close to one’s heart. I assure you that this place will remind you of your love at first sight. The streets of this hamlet are of white soft sand that one can feel as if one is springing on them during walking because of its softness and they become soothingly cool at night , ideal place to walk barefoot. They are lit by the moonlight for almost every night except during new moon when the lover’s clasped hands become the street maps.“